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Door Entry

Apart from keeping unwanted people out, access control systems are a great way for monitoring the time habits of your personnel as well as having the ability to “close off” restricted areas from staff who do not have the necessary security clearances.

Door Entry systems are designed to permit the free flow of authorised movement into any site, whilst denying entry to unwanted visitors. With door entry technology developing so rapidly, Safe ‘N’ Sound Security is well positioned to invest the required resources to bring leading edge door entry solutions to our customers.
Door Entry is a common security enforcement technique and, depending on the degree of protection necessary, methods of application will vary from simple sign-in sheets before a security guard to high-tech systems such as voice print identification.

The first line of door entry remains a competent security guard hired from a reputable company, one who has passed a strict criminal background check. This guard maintains a basic sign-in log indicating such data as the visitor’s name, company represented, time and date of arrival, etc.
The security guard will also ask to see each visitor’s photo I.D., specifically asking to see one that includes a signature, which can be compared to that on the sign-in log and evaluated for authenticity. If there’s any doubt the guard should call the visitor’s company for verification. This level of door entry is considered adequate for general corporate activities such as warehouses, lumber yards, office spaces, etc, where safety is the main concern rather than theft.

If the area being guarded requires a higher level of security, door entry measures will be much more strict. The measures already described remain the first line of control; then as a further check, metal detectors, both the walk-through variety and hand-held wands, are employed with no exceptions allowed. This is often coupled with the use of X-ray machines for carried objects such as purses, backpacks, laptop computer cases, briefcases, etc. This mid-range level of security is often utilized for buildings housing governmental, legal, or financial offices.

The highest level of door entry comes from specialised technologies such as computerised retina scans and voice- and fingerprint identification. Research has shown conclusively that the human voiceprint and retina patterns are as individual as the legally-accepted fingerprint. These methods do require specific training for technicians who interpret this data to avoid false positives.

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