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Intruder / Burglar alarms

As an investment, an Intruder Alarm is probably the best value for money for the protection of your home. An intruder or burglar alarm is a system widely employed to inform the owner, or other persons that someone has entered your home without authority. The most basic alarm systems comprise of a control panel and keypad for operation, detection devices to activate the alarm and an audible means of warning as a deterrent. These are generally referred to as bells only systems. Most basic systems these days also include a method of
communicating the activation to your mobile phone.

More complicated intruder alarm systems utilise very sophisticated technology. The level of sophistication chosen will strongly influence the cost factor and therefore depends upon the dangers attending an unwanted intrusion. A museum housing priceless Michelangelo art, for example, employs such devices as pressure pads embedded within the flooring materials around the displays, and sensitive microphones that detect specific frequencies, particularly the ones associated with very sharp sounds such as breaking glass.

More commonly utilised triggers for intruder alarm systems in the home are PIR motion detectors and seismic shock sensors. Dual technology motion sensors combine infra red and microwave technologies to give a very reliable form of detection although they then add considerably to the cost. The result of an alarm being activated can vary from a simple siren and strobe unit, flashing lights and making a very loud noise, to communication to a control centre for level one police response.

Wireless Intrduer alarms

Professionally installed wireless intruder alarm systems have in recent years almost replaced their wired counterparts as they have now shed the old image of being unreliable and subject to interferences etc. We at Safe’N’Sound Security Systems have been installing wireless alarm systems since our inception and have been at the cutting edge of these technologies, providing wireless solutions from as far back as 1993!

In years gone by there were very few manufacturers of reliable wireless alarm systems with FM Electronics being at the forefront, the main obstacle for most people was the additional cost of a wireless alarm system. Over the last few years most major manufacturers, Risco, Menvier, Cooper and Visonic to name a few, have developed extremely reliable and cost effective wireless alarm solutions. These all meet the EN50131 grade 2 standard and are therefore suitable for almost all domestic installations and are acceptable by all police forces for level one police response.

Reliability is now at an all time high and can boast being as reliable as wired systems without the possibility of a mouse chewing through the cable! The cost of a wireless solution is now less than the cost of a wired solution due to the labour cost of wiring being more than the additional component cost of wireless. The life of the detector batteries which used to be in the region of 1 year is now 2 – 3 years, therefore increasing the reliability factor even more.

CCTV Systems

The need for some level of surveillance within the home as a crime deterrent is obvious, and for this reason camera makers have come up with a variety of budget priced closed circuit television systems, known by the general term CCTV. Unlike TV stations which broadcast a general signal for any television to receive, a CCTV system sends its signal to a central point for observation and records the cameras onto a digital video recorder or DVR for later playback. The pictures can also be transmitted over broadband for viewing remotely on a variety of devices including Android or iPhones, various tablet devices and internet connected PC’s etc.

Substantial advances in camera technology and manufacture in recent years has not only brought the cost of CCTV to affordable levels for domestic users, the resulting improvement in the quality of the pictures and digital recording quality has meant that even the most budget priced system can reproduce clear and definable pictures.

Recently, a number of high-profile crimes have been investigated and prosecuted thanks to evidence provided by such systems. They recorded the faces of the men responsible for the 7/7 bombings of London, and showed two-year-old James Bulger being led away from a shopping mall by his two killers, the ten-year-olds Jon Venables and Robert Thompson. More recently CCTV cameras recorded scenes from the UK riots and have been almost exclusively used to catch and prosecute the looters with a very high conviction rate.

Door entry systems

Door entry systems allow you to control who enters your premises and when. This can be done via a user operation ie: answering an audio or video call unit or automatically using a wide range of reading devices locally at the entrance or connected via a central control unit. Safe’N’Sound Security Systems can design a system to suit almost all situations and budgets. The most common devices used are either audio or video call points at the entry door linked through to a common area. A visitor will call on arrival and you can then typically see and talk to the person or open the door using a button on the answer unit.

There are also systems that can record a picture of each caller or even call you on your smartphone to make you aware of and communicate with the caller when you are not at home.

Home Entertainment / Automation

As technology marches forward the incorporation of home entertainment and automation will become a standard feature in most homes. We are seeing a rapid growth of home cinema systems, distributed audio and visual systems being retrofitted already. In the more up market conversions and new developments these are being built into the structure of the building.It is now common in these developments to see distributed data and HDMI cabling outlets as part of the build. Safe’n’Sound Security Systems can advise you on how you can integrate security, communications and entertainment in your next project.

The growing market for automated home security has made available a wide range of devices and systems. Security is uppermost in the minds of many homeowners, and often their first purchase is a simple plug-in timer that turns lights on and off at pre-determined intervals. These can also be used with radios, televisions, and other small appliance to give the impression of the home being occupied at hours when it is not. Further up the scale of home automation sophistication are devices such as recorders that can play back selected sounds through speakers judiciously placed in strategic locations throughout the home. These sounds may include barking dogs and the playback can be triggered by a microphone tuned to respond to a knock at the door or ring of the bell.
Since the advent of home computers there has been a significant increase in the abilitiy of home automation systems to automatically perform various tasks such as locking entry doors that have been inactive for a pre-set interval and closing window blinds at programmed times. Automatic garage doors can be lowered in a similar fashion, showing that a well-designed home automation system can provide peace of mind unattainable even a few years ago. Other computerised aspects of home automation include such security monitors as motion detectors, closed circuit television systems, magnetic contacts to detect opening of doors or windows, and glass breakage sensors. Such systems can also monitor interior atmospherics for smoke, fire, and gas leaks. There can also be a cost-saving aspect when a home automation system is programmed to change the heating or cooling level during the occupant’s absence and then returning it to the normal comfort level prior to their return. This cost saving can make the purchase and installation of such a system worthwhile.


Keyholding companies are specialists in the provision of professional key holding, patrol and response services, they have the necessary expertise to mitigate the risks to your business and home by protecting your property and assets, thereby ensuring a safe environment for your staff and family.

Keyholding uses the latest technology, managed by a state of the art control centre, and acting as guardians for your property 24 hours a day. By securely safeguarding your keys, fully trained and licensed Security Officers are on call around the clock to respond for emergency and non-emergency requirements.

Keyholder Alarm Response

As nominated key holders for your intruder, fire or CCTV systems, upon notification of an activation, a licensed Security Officer will be dispatched to attend.

Upon arrival, they execute a thorough external and internal check of the premises and then investigate the cause of the activation. If required, they will liaise with the necessary security companies to reset your systems and leave the property secure.

In the event of a serious incident, such as burglary, fire or flood, they will remain on-site and manage the situation as required (e.g. liaise with the emergency services, boarding, glazing and locksmith companies) and only leave the property once it is re-secured or upon your instruction.

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