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Our security systems are designed to protect your property and give you peace of mind when away from home. Here are a few other simple methods that you can adopt yourself:


Ensure your street number is clearly visible. This will assist the emergency services in finding your property should you need them.

Do your gates and fences restrict access to your property? Sturdy fences and gates with good locks can act as a very effective deterrent.

Do you have security lighting? PIR sensors can be used to trigger lighting if movement is detected around your property from the moment darkness falls.

If you are going away, try to eliminate all signs that you are not around. Arrange for someone to collect your mail, cancel your milk and don’t leave your curtains drawn. Consider investing in timers to turn internal lamps on and off at strategic times throughout the evening.

Use your security measures! The most sophisticated alarm system is useless if you do not arm it and your insurance may be void if you have not activated your own security measures.

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