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Wireless Alarms

Professionally installed wireless intruder alarm systems have in recent years almost replaced their wired counterparts as they have now shed the old image of being unreliable and subject to interferences etc. We at Safe’N’Sound Security Systems have been installing wireless alarm systems since our inception and have been at the cutting edge of these technologies, providing wireless solutions from as far back as 1993!

In years gone by there were very few manufacturers of reliable wireless alarm systems with FM Electronics being at the forefront, the main obstacle for most people was the additional cost of a wireless alarm system. Over the last few years most major manufacturers, Risco, Menvier, Cooper and Visonic to name a few, have developed extremely reliable and cost effective wireless alarm solutions. These all meet the EN50131 grade 2 standard and are therefore suitable for almost all domestic installations and are acceptable by all police forces for level one police response.

Reliability is now at an all time high and can boast being as reliable as wired systems without the possibility of a mouse chewing through the cable! The cost of a wireless solution is now less than the cost of a wired solution due to the labour cost of wiring being more than the additional component cost of wireless. The life of the detector batteries which used to be in the region of 1 year is now 2 – 3 years, therefore increasing the reliability factor even more.

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